The Band

The Protones is a fun band with some seasoned (well seasoned) musicians, their fan base increases with each gig. Keep checking this website to find out where they’re playing and stop in.

roybioRoy is from Schenectady and graduated from Mont Pleasant High School. He started playing drums in the 4th grade, playing in concert, marching and dance bands during his school years. In the mid 1960’s he joined a band called The Blue Glass Menagerie whom included Josh and John as part of the band members. They played at schools and parties until 1970 when he went into the Navy to serve his country. His drumming stayed idle until he was asked to play at a picnic for work at which time he enlisted the help of Josh, John and Dennis. They played 60’s and early 70’s music and when they realized the effect they had on the audience and how good it felt to play these songs again they decided to keep the magic going and so “The Protones” were formed.

johnbioJohn started playing guitar at the ripe age of 10. His first band was in Jr. High playing at dances and private parties. Since then the bands and gigs got better. He’s played in front of crowds of 1 to 10,000 and has opened for several national acts. Originally starting on guitar he switched to bass when the bass player quit just before a gig and it was too late to find a replacement. He’s been playing bass ever since, but still plays a few on the 6 string during a gig. His other duties are with a band called Railway that’s been around since the 70’s, plus doing some fill in work with several area bands

georgepicJosh…well, he sings and plays pretty good…I guess… But seriously, like John, he’s been singing and playing in bands since he was young. He’s played in front of large crowds from Boston to Niagara Falls, Vermont to Nashville TN. Playing gigs with his friends and national recording stars, as well as filling in with other bands has all been a part of Josh’s musical career. He really enjoys being on stage with his fellow band mates, to bring joy to all who’ll listen. And, well … he sings and plays pretty good too… I guess…



ted-live-1Ted, is originally from Albany, New York, has been playing in area bands since the 70’s (1970’s, that is). You might remember him performing with Kashmir, SOX, The T’s, or The Blenders (just to name a few!). His main instrument is guitar and he enjoys singing and playing many genres of music.  Oh and BTW, he is now officially the “baby “ of the band.




Dennis head crayon (2)See the cat in the hat,
Playing the keys
Everybody knows him,
It’s Denny C!
A man of mystery,
It all comes from the mind.
We know it’s true because
We wonder what he forgot this time!